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Care and maintenance: Despite its durability, however, there are steps you need to follow to care for and maintain your marble. Marble is susceptible to etching if acidic substances are used on it, so always use a pH-neutral cleaner. Remember to seal your marble and clean any dirt off within no longer than a week’s time. The color in polished Marbles may fade away when they are exposed to sunlight for periods of time. We recommend using Dry Treat products to protect and enhance the look of your natural stone.


Resistance to abrasion: Low to Medium. Light scratching will occur in contact to sand and other abrasives.


Sensitivity to Acids: High. Acid etching will be noticeable when in contact with lemons or other acids frequently found in Kitchens.


Absorption: Medium to High. Always seal this product with Stain Proof prior to use.

White Extra Onyx

  • White onyx is an exclusive stone that has a timeless & elegant essence. Its beautiful creamy white color, along with its translucency, adds elevated sophistication to its rare large size.


    Its great for other tops, walls & mosaic tiles. Available in a Polished finish.

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