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This collection features a dynamic oak wood pattern. The sapwood in the design contrasts with other darker areas, creating a whimsical diversity of shades that lends each plank an amazing natural beauty.

Added visual harmony is also ensured by the skilful incorporation of cathedral arches (concentric knots) in the design.

With its silky feel and non-slip properties, it can be used in a wide variety of settings, including wet or dry areas, indoors and out. This is a new collection manufactured with ALL IN ONE technology. This floor tile collection can be matched with 13"x40" Verbier Wall tiles, which feature a slatted design available in a choice of taupe or honey, perfect for creating living spaces with a warm, harmonious, well-rounded feel


  • Verbier comes in 10”x60” wood-effect tiles feature an exquisite veined design that ensures style, rhythm and warmth.  

    The collection’s “All In One” finish stands out for its amazing R11/C3 non-slip grip and wonderfully smooth feel.  

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