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Sandy Moka is a light beige limestone from Portugal. This limestone if present subtle clusters of fossils instead of the linear pattern found other limestones. It is a stunning neutral-colored stone that will enhance almost any space.

Sandy Moka

  • Sandy Moka is available in many sizes and finishes including all types of cut to size tiles and architectural elements.

    We usually stock this product in tiles of 12x24, 24x24,18x36 and 24x48. We mostly stock this product in antiqued finish.

    We have it available in ¾” slabs.

    Sandy Moka is suitable for cut to size projects and it is a wonderful stone to be processed with more architectural finishes such us Honed, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Racked, Linen etc...

    Ask us about all the possibilities with this wonderful limestone.

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