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Granier is an oak-effect tile collection inspired by the famous French ski resort, perfect for modern living spaces in a wide variety of design styles.

An All-in-One product that combines a smooth surface with a non-slip grip, Roble Granier can be used in all areas of design projects. It rich, dynamic woodgrain pattern contrasts with the soothing shades of its 5 different colours, bringing visual continuity to floors and an added spacious feel to rooms. Granier Floor has matching wall tiles made up of wood-effect strips with a slightly convex surface and an amazing realism, thanks to the use of Shaped technology


  • Granier comes in 10”x 60” wood-effect tiles feature an exquisite veined design that ensures style, rhythm and warmth.  

    White body Wall Tiles are 13" X 40" (33.3 x 100 cm)

    The collection’s “All In One” finish stands out for its amazing R11/C3 non-slip grip and wonderfully smooth feel.  

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