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Inspired by Travertine marble, Arte emulates the porous limestone used for centuries in the worlds of building and architecture.

Its longitudinal veins are enriched by their different intermingling shades of color, bringing a warm, restful feel to settings


  • Arte comes in a choice of three different colors, Cloud, Desert and Mocha, in a 40”x 108”, 40”x 71”, 40”x 40”cm, 30”x 60” or 24”x 48” format, together with a 20”x 60” 4D Wall tile model.

    The collection also features a choice of a Shaped, Polished and All in One finish, in addition to a ¾” thick non-slip outdoor model in 40”x 40” and 20”x 40” format.

    Rounding it all off is a ½” thick, 60”x 126” format, specially designed for use as a countertop in an innovative Shaped finish and highly contemporary deep shade of brown.

    Find this item under Porcelain Xlabs>Premium Xlabs.

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